Prayer in the Benefice of Spire Hill

This cycle of prayer is used daily in Stalbridge Parish Church at Morning Prayer at 8am.

Day by day, different areas across these communities are help in prayer.  Let us give thanks for the communities in which we are set and pray for God's blessing on those who carry burdens of whatever kind that each may know the peace and love of God in their lives.


Purse Caundle

1          Well Lane, Manor Farm, Hornswell, Rue Lane, and Tripps Farm

2          Crendle Court, Church Cottages, Manor House, and Village Centre



3          Eastop Lane, Cook’s Lane, Hargrove Lane and Stalbridge Common

4          Poolestown, Thornhill Road, Waterlake, Westminster Buildings, and Westminster Cottages

5          Ring Street, Lower Road, Coppern Way, Kings Mill Road, Bibberne Farm, Hewletts Farm, Marsh Farm, Ryalls Farm, and Lower Ryalls Farm

6          Thrift Close, Springfields, The Hawthorns, The Paddocks, and Larks Meadow

7          Jarvis Way, Maple Row, Jarvis Close, and Bibberne Row

8          Wessex Road, Cale Close and New Road

9          Vale Road, Raleigh Road, Blackmore Road, and Duncliffe Close

10        Robinson Heights, Meadow Close, Boyle Close, and Hardy Crescent

11        Station Road, Woodmills Close, Gibbs Marsh, the industrial companies, Gibbs Marsh Farm, Priors View Farm, Crib House Farm, Gomershay Farm, and Hamwood Farm

12        High Street, Stalbridge Close, and the retail and service businesses in town

13        Barrow Hill, Barrow Lea, Bakers Field and Pond Walk

14        Wood Lane, Park Road, and Frith

15        Stalbridge Weston

16        Grosvenor Road and Pound Close

17        Park Road, Park Grove and Gold Street

18        Grove Lane, Grove Lane Close, and Silk House Barton

19        Duck Lane and Church Hill.  The staff and pupils of Stalbridge Church of England Primary School

20        Stalbridge Park, Drew’s Lane, Wards Hill, and Landshire Lane


Stock Gaylard, including King’s Stag

21        Holwell Road, King's Stag Common, White Hart Close, and Yew Tree Cottages

22        Village Centre, Blackrow Lane, Ramsbury, and Stock Estate


Stourton Caundle

23        Waterloo Lane, Cat Lane, Brimble Cottages, Caundle Lane, and Rowden Mill Lane

24        Goldsneys, Pophams, Barrow Hill, Golden Hill, Drove Lane, and Drove Close

25        Stalbridge Road, Jubilee Oak, Veales, and High Street

26        Haddon, Holt Lane, Higher Woodrow, and Woodrow

The Wider Community

27        Doctors, nurses, dentists, and carers in our community and those for whom they care

28        Those who hold office and all who share in the life of our churches

29        The ministers (lay and ordained) serving in these communities from the
Roman Catholic Church, the Church of England, the Methodist Church and the
Congregational Federation

30        Our life and work as Christians within these communities and our neighbours

31        The regional and national leaders of our churches


Please inform the rector about any inaccuracies or omissions in this monthly cycle of prayer.